A Hermitcraft inspired vanilla Minecraft server!

Architect SMP is a close-knit group of respectful adults with a focus on building, community elements and having fun together.
We offer a vanilla style experience with a handful of datapacks to enhance gameplay and improve quality of life.

Our vision is to create a warm and welcoming community for people to share their creativity with others.
We hope to inspire, motivate and challenge each other to grow!

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  • Creative Server

    With a single command, you can switch between our survival server and our creative server. Suitable for testing your builds, getting help with Redstone and working together on group projects

  • Community Events

    Players can work together on builds and join seasonal events. We encourage everyone to host their own adventures and contribute to the fun! Resistance is futile!

  • Roleplay Datapack

    Custom Roleplay Data is a datapack made by Muki Tanuki. This datapack allows you to easily change the CustomModelData of items to alter the look of items using the ArchitectSMP resource pack.

  • Proximity Chat

    ArchitectSMP provides access to a voice chat plugin so you can talk to other players directly on the server, no need to download any 3rd party software! Click here to download the mod directly.

  • Shopping/Gaming Districts

    A central community hub is available for all your shopping (and gaming) needs.
    Head over to designated area and buy all the items you want or set up your own shop and earn the big bucks!

  • Community Games

    Join our community for a gaming extravaganza featuring Jackbox, Golf with Your Friends, Cards Against Humanity, and a myriad of other exciting games beyond Minecraft!

A quick taste of what you can expect from Architect SMP

Head over to our Gallery by clicking here for more creations by our players!

Looking for more?

Simply the best of both worlds! The people are amazing and their skills as well, enjoy a true vanilla experience with some slight but really helpful plugins/datapacks! I felt super welcomed and i'm glad I found this server. - Azoki