At the end of each season we provide a download link to the world file of all previous ArchitectSMP seasons.
If you feel like something is missing you can make a suggestion in the Discord #suggestions channel.

Name Seed and Minecraft Version Java Edition
Season 1 -2143500864 for MC 1.16.5 Download
Season 2 143914606644338 for MC 1.17.1 Download
Season Into the Deep 6980027135327490868 for MC 1.18.1 Download
Season 3 -3502460733 for MC 1.18.2 Download
Season 3.5 350362654 for MC 1.19 Download
Season 4 249003551 for MC 1.19.2 Download
Season 5 ? for MC 1.20.1 Check back after the Season!


Go to where your minecraft files are installed:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft.
MacOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft
1. Open the saves folder.
2. Copy the folder in the Season zip file into your saves folder.

You can now close all folders, start up Singleplayer and load up the world.

Happy exploring!